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Africa Day Celebration 2023

Minnesota Africans United celebrated the Africa Day in Paris, France, by partnering with the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and the World’s Fair Bid Committee Educational Fund to create a program to support two-way trade opportunities between African countries and the African Diaspora in Paris, France. The event convened key speakers from the African diasporic and business communities, public service leaders, migration experts, and representatives of the African diplomatic corps in Paris

Basil Ajuo and Mark Ritchie convene a panel of Minnesota Leaders to Celebrate Africa Day, May 25, 2023 in Paris at the OECD.

Secretary-General Mathias Cormann introduces the Africa Day Symposium marking the 60th anniversary of the founding of the African Union, Economic and Social Impacts of Diaspora-Led Two-Way Trade and Investment, he highlighted the following benefits of the symposium:

The opportunity to recognize the contribution that African diaspora communities make to their new home countries and to their countries of origin bringing business, policymakers, and diaspora communities together to identify all the different ways and the tools we have to make the most out of this contribution.

the OECD is working with member and non-member countries to maximize the contribution of migration, including diaspora communities, to growth and sustainable development.

Harnessing Migrants' Skills in OECD Countries

By better understanding the contribution of diaspora and returning migrants to their origin country

By enabling contributions by the diaspora to development financing efforts

By including migrants and diaspora in the design of development cooperation policies

Closing remarks: Well-designed policy frameworks can help diaspora and migrant communities reach their potential in contributing to growth and development in both their destination and origin communities.


Basil Ajuo, President/CEO, Minnesota Africans United- Opening Remarks. Please see the link to his remarks

Session 1 > Minnesota Diaspora Leader Panel Discussion

Khadija Ali- President/CEO, Global Language Connections

Efe Ukala- Founder/ImpactHER

Abdirahman Kahin- Founder/Owner- Afro Deli and Grill, U.S. Small Business Association Businessperson of the Year (2023)

Dr. Chris Brooks- Co-founder/Managing Partner- Brown Venture Group

Session 2 > African Union Leader Panel Discussion

Driss el-Yazami- President, Council of Moroccan Community living abroad.

Issiaka Konate- General Consul, Cote d'Ivoire in France

H.E. Ambassador Namira Negm- Director, African Observatory of Migration

Ragnheidur Elin Arnadottir- Director, Development Centre, OECD

Mark Ritchie- Co-founder, USA Expo 2027 Bid; Board Chair, World's Fair Bid Committee Educational Fund

MAU Delegation also participated in the celebration of Africa Day which was organized by UNICEF in Paris, France.


Minnesota Africans United and the World's Fair Bid Committee Educational Fund will be back in Paris in advance of the vote connecting with African leaders.

Minnesota Africans United will be participating in the Minnesota Expo 2027 Bid Committee 172nd General Assembly Vote activities.

Please see the most recent news link from Pioneer Press spotlighting what MAU has been doing to bring the World Expo to Minnesota

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