Relevant Policy Issues:

Public Health:

  • Teenage pregnancy

  • Sexual abuse, sex trafficking, human trafficking and how we address this issue

  • Senior retirement

  • Gaps in wellness and health promotion

  • Affordable Care Act

    • Outreach, education, and access to health insurance and resources

  • Preventive medical care – currently curative access to doctors only

  • Mental health

    • Adult, family, children


  • Recognition of earned credentials from Africa

  • School systems

  • English as a Second Language (ESL) Programs

  • Opportunities for rigorous courses/college level courses in high school

  • Racism, discrimination, and bullying

  • Limited teachers of color

  • Culturally responsive pedagogy training for teachers

  • ‘Rights’ training for parents

  • Scholarships

Wealth Management

  • How to build wealth

  • How to begin investing money in mutual funds, IRA’s, savings accounts, etc.

  • Economic development

  • Support African businesses in being sustainable and not closing

  • Help to get government support for small businesses

  • Loans and capital funding

Minnesota Africans United (MAU) values community, non-profit, public schools and universities, small business, and foundations as partners that provide opportunities to African immigrants. By being a valued partner, together, we are transforming Minnesota.

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