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While MAU is focused on serving the African immigrant community, we understand the importance of building a strong coalition with all Minnesotans, including public schools, colleges, universities, non-profits, healthcare leaders, business leaders and politicians alike. Your membership is meaningful and supports the work of integrating a diversity of perspectives and cultures into everyday Minnesota life.

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Membership dues are based on corporate annual operating budget and staff.

Benefits of Making an Investment by Joining Minnesota
Africans United:


Minnesota Africans United wants to build nonprofit, public, and private partnerships around core issues: Education, Business/Economic Development, Workforce, Housing, Agriculture and Healthcare for integrated economic growth. Whether you are a corporation, nonprofit, business, school, college, university, student, recent graduate, or an individual looking to get connected, there are many benefits to becoming a member of Minnesota Africans United.


Types of Membership:

Large Businesses

Large Nonprofit

Medium Nonprofit

Small Nonprofit

African Nonprofit

Small African Owned Business

School, College, University

African Country Affiliate



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