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William Fanjoy

Senior Advisor,
Private Sector Engag't, Proper Africa

William (Bill) Fanjoy is the Managing Director for Domestic Commercial

Engagement for Prosper Africa, a U.S. Government-led initiative which aims to

substantially increase two-way trade and investment between the United States

and Africa. He actively coordinates strategic engagement and outreach to U.S.

companies to increase trade and investment in Africa.

Previously, Bill was the Department of Commerce’s Director of U.S. Export

Assistance Centers in Virginia and Washington, DC. He led a team of Senior

International Trade Specialists in structuring firm trade deals and long-term

trade models for U.S. companies to enter international markets. His regional

expertise is Africa, where he successfully led U.S. business and trade missions, and, subsequently, served

as Acting Senior Commercial Officer to Kenya, Ghana, Angola, Cote d’Ivoire, Kuwait and Jordan.

Prior to the Department of Commerce, Bill worked with several Africa-focused firms and agencies,

including the World Bank, The Mitchell Group, Chemonics International and the Wildlife Conservation

Society. He spent three years on water-management construction projects in Mali and three years

managing a large Wildlife Park in the Congo. He also founded the Play and Learn Foundation, USA (a

Girls and Boys Community Center Program in Ghana), and authored “How to Establish and Operate

Wildlife Parks in Africa” (for Wildlife Conservation Society), “Congolese Local Labor and Tax Law” (for

Jane Goodall) and “How Hershey Brought Its Miracle Food to Ghana” (for Ghana Business News).

William Fanjoy
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