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Hon. Chipoka Mulenga (MP)

KEYNOTE SPEAKER | Minister of Commerce, Trade & Industry

Hon. Mulenga is serving as Minister of Commerce, Trade and Industry in the

Government of the Republic of Zambia. In this role, Hon. Mulenga provides policy

guidance on the trade and industry sectors in order to enhance the sectors’

contribution to sustainable socio-economic growth and development for the benefit

of the Zambian people. Further, Hon. Mulenga is responsible for administering the

following portfolio functions: Industrialisation Policy; Investment Policy; Industrial

Research; Business Registration; Competition and Consumer Protection; and

Standards and Quality Assurance, among others.

Hon. Mulenga has vast corporate experience in mining and previously served as

Technical Superintendent for a mining firm.

His appointment as Minister under the new Government, whose aspirations include

economic transformation and job creation as well as human and social development,

is to ensure these aspirations are embedded in the Ministry’s policies and strategies

by enhancing partnerships for economic recovery, building resilience and driving

structural transformation.

Hon. Mulenga holds qualifications in Mine Survey (Geomantic engineering) from the

Copperbelt University, Bachelor of Commerce in Entrepreneurship (Economics)

from the Management College of South Africa and is currently pursuing a Master of

Business Administration in Project Management from the University of Zambia.

Hon. Chipoka Mulenga (MP)
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