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MAU Accomplishments

In the short time MAU has been registered with the State of Minnesota the following are significant achievements and successes we would like to share with tremendous pride.


  • Minnesota Africans United is the only non-profit and membership-based organization that serves the interest of all Africans in the State of Minnesota. Consequently, its board of directors reflects membership from nations including Cameroon, Nigeria, Somalia, Ethiopia, Kenya, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Democratic Republic of Congo and Tanzania;


  • Minnesota Africans United is the only African leadership group that speaks uniquely to African issues around workforce, education, healthcare, and economy.


  • Minnesota Africans United has strong and important connections with Minnesota State colleges and universities in the metropolitan area and leadership from some of these institutions have attended our Board meetings.  North Hennepin Community College and Metropolitan State University are the two strongest allies of MAU;


  • Minnesota Africans United has strong connections with Minnesota State colleges and universities Board of Trustees at the Minnesota State level;


  • MAU’s intention is to get all the Africans in Minnesota to Unite and Work together; 


  • MAU challenges Africans to continue to advance and as a result, empower the African Continent;


  • MAU strives to connect Africans with state elected officials, educational institutions, jobs with corporates to discuss employment pipeline opportunities, creating and strengthening Minnesota’s workforce with African immigrants.  As a result, this past year it successfully collaborated with Minnesota Legislators to initiate 3 bills during the last session and one of which is still in consideration;


  • MAU has continued to have intensive policy discussions by three of our important committee on Economic Development, Workforce Development, and Credentialing through educational attainment.  MAU will present the outcome of the work completed by these three workgroups at the upcoming summit in September;


  •  Corporate connection are underway to cultivate the pipeline for highly trained diverse African workforce; 


  • A good deal of outreach has been successfully accomplished and MAU considers outreach as its greatest asset; and 


  • The executive director represented the community at the diaspora exchange visit in Washington DC in 2018 organized by the US state department in partnership with the African Union


  • Planning is underway to host MAU’s first State-Wide Conference/Summit on Thursday, September 5, 2019. The Board of Directors and the Executive Director have obtained the support of North Hennepin Community College for the Venue.  Keynote Speakers, Presenters, Trainers, African Business and Nonprofits will be on hand to make the conference a success. MAU expects 250 attendees.

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