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JUNE Event

MAU June22 Webinar flyer.jpg

Minnesota Africans United

Agriculture Committee Webinar 

Theme: Empowering Trade with Africa through Agriculture

Minnesota Africans United, in partnership with Global Minnesota and Minnesota Department of Agriculture, is hosting an agriculture webinar focused on Empowering Trade with Africa through Agriculture. At this webinar, we will hear from current African entrepreneurs who are African farmers in Minnesota. They will share their stories of their organic farming journey, including challenges and successes in providing healthy and safe food to the community while advancing Minnesota’s economic prosperity. In addition, we will hear from a visiting guest from the central African nation of Cameroon who will share her story of how she got involved in farming in Cameroon, her successes, experiences, opportunities and challenges and what Minnesota stakeholders can do to be invested in Cameroon. We will also hear from experts in the field who will discuss the resources available in support of African farmers in Minnesota and in Africa. This event will feature experts from Global Minnesota, Nulla Group, Minnesota Department of Agriculture, Land O’Lakes, Naima Farms, Kilimo Minnesota, Afro Connects, Global Empowerment, AgThrive, Afro Connections and investors that support African immigrants with their ambitions to improve trade between Minnesota and African countries through agriculture.

“If we will become independent and secured as a continent, a nation, a people, or a tribe, we must first be able to feed ourselves and that can be achieved through utilizing the soil that God is given us .” — G. Trokon Richards, Liberia.


Date: Saturday, JUNE 12, 2021

Time: 1pm-3:30pm CST


12:15pm – All keynote speakers and panelists log in to test technology. G. T. Richards 



1:00pm – Welcome and Opening Remarks, Dr. Fatima Lawson, Board Chairwoman of Minnesota Africans United

1:05pm – Introduction of Interim Chair of MAU Agriculture Committee, Mr. Mohamadou Fadil

1:05pm – 1:10pm – Mr. Fadil introduces Keynote Speaker, Dr. Kemba Marshall, Director, Land O’ Lakes Purina Animal Nutrition Center, Veterinary Services

1:10pm – 1:20pm: Keynote speaker, Dr. Kemba Marshall, Director, Land O’ Lakes Purina Animal Nutrition Center, Veterinary Services

1:20pm –1:22pm: Mr. Fadil introduces International Guest Speaker, Dr. Tata, Emmanuel Fon CEO, AfroBrains Cameroon


1:22pm – 1:32pm: Guest Speaker address by Dr. Tata, Emmanuel Fon CEO, AfroBrains Cameroon


1:32pm –1: 42pm: Q&A moderated by Ms. Lilian Otieno, Food Safety Specialist, MN Department of Agriculture


1:42pm – 1:44pm: Mr. Fadil will introduce the moderator for the experienced panel, Ms. Lilian Otieno, Outreach Coordinator, Produce Safety Program, MN Department of Agriculture.

1:44pm -1:45pm:  Ms. Lilian Otieno introduces experienced panelists


1:45pm – 2:30pm: Experienced Panelists: Ms. Naima Dhore (Owner of Naima Farm LLC & Executive Director of Somali American Farmers Association), Mr. Moses Momanyi (Owner, Kilimo Minnesota), Dr. Josephine Kyne (Global Employment), Ms. Peggy Stizinger (Afro Connections)


2:30pm – 2:32pm: Mr. Fadil will introduce moderator for response panel, Mr. Steve Donofrio, Former Noncommissioned Officer (NCO) in the US Army

2:32pm – 3:12pm: Mr. Patrice Bailey (Assistant Commissioner, MN Department of Agriculture), Mr. Mark Ritchie (President Global Minnesota), Prof Raphael Onyeaghala (Dean of Business, Education & Professional Services, South West Minnesota)


3:12pm – 3:25pm: Q&A from the audience for the response panelists led by Mr. Steve Donofrio

3:25pm – 3:30pm: Closing by Basil Ajuo, President of MAU

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