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Dr. Thierry Wandji

Co-Founder & CEO, Cybastion board member, US Chamber of Commerce

Dr Wandji is the cofounder and CEO of Cybastion a proud board member of the US Chamber of

Commerce, a consultancy specializing in Cybersecurity, egovernment solutions, defense and education. With over fifteen years of academic research and teaching, private industry, and government experience, Dr. Ketchiozo Thierry Wandji is an expert in cybersecurity risk management. Dr. Wandji also serves as the Director of Cybersecurity Education at North Carolina State University (NC State) and Morgan State university. He has maintained few academic responsibilities leading 2 of the top 20 cybersecurity departments in the US, to continue to support private and academic communities through his researches.

At the helm of Cybastion for the last 3 years, he had the opportunity to advise several West African

countries with their cybersecurity strategy, policy, capacity reinforcement and solutions. Dr. Wandji has

worked with the National Security Agencies (ANSSIs) of Burkina Faso and Benin, the Port of Cotonou in

Benin and the Port of Douala in Cameroon, the Ministry of Finance of the Central African Republic. He

welcomed a visiting government delegation from Africa in the fall of 2021 attending a cybersecurity

training program that he and the faculty of NC State had designed for this country and their cybersecurity and intelligence officials.

Through his connections with the US Universities cybersecurity’s centers of excellence, Dr. Wandji was

also able to secure a partnership with four of the best US Universities specialized in Cybersecurity to not only to promote cybersecurity to the academia world but also to support West African governments to build their human capital.

Dr. Thierry Wandji worked very closely with the private and public US Financial Institutions to bring

customized financial solutions to West African countries customized to their financial needs to help

finance their cybersecurity and digital infrastructure needs and workforce development.

Prior to Cybastion, Dr Wandji was the Cybersecurity Technical Lead for the US Navy’s Naval Air

Warfare Center Aircraft Division (NAVAIR) for a little bit more than a decade.

Hailing originally from Cameroun, Dr. Wandji pursued his BS in Electrical Engineering from the Polytechnic School of Engineering at Montreal, Canada in 2003 and went on to obtain an MS in Electrical Engineering from Morgan State University in Baltimore, MD in 2007. Dr. Wandji then earned his PhD in Systems Engineering at George Washington University (2015) with a dissertation on the Assessment of Software Reliability Using Classical and Bayesian Methodologies to Estimate Software Reliability Growth Model Parameters.

Throughout his research studies in software reliability, Dr Wandji realized that software security was not

being addressed throughout system security analysis nor cybersecurity risk assessment which prompted him to further his technical knowledge through an MS in Cybersecurity Technology in 2017 from the University of Maryland University College. In the same year, he also earned a graduate certificate in Cybersecurity with a focus on Embedded Systems from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Dr. Thierry Wandji
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