Who we are

Mission: The Minnesota Africans United (MAU) is a coalition of African immigrants in Minnesota that is centered on closing the opportunity gaps in education, healthcare, the economy and employment with the mission of creating awareness and increasing access to resources for African communities.


Vision: The vision of The Minnesota Africans United (MAU) is to improve the quality of lives of Africans in the State of Minnesota.


Values: The values of The Minnesota African United (MAU):

  • We value prosperity for all

  • Peaceful coexistence with Minnesota residents (life without discrimination)

  • We share a significant desire to enhance the progress that is shared in Minnesota

  • We share the issues of accountability, transparency and equity, justice, and reforms

Purpose: The purpose of The Minnesota Africans United (MAU) is to unite all Africans and the diaspora community and bring prosperity to all by addressing the following:


  • Closing the opportunity gap (career, education, economy housing, health)

  • Providing small business development opportunities

  • Cultivating and developing leaders within the African community

  • Maintaining cultural traditions and ensuring that they are passed onto the next generation

  • Leveraging its resources to improve Minnesota as a whole.

Gratitude: Minnesota Africans United (MAU) is a leader on African immigrant issues that bring together talents, connect such talents with resources, and drive innovation. They lead job creations, look for new solutions in the modern economy in closing opportunity gaps, and connect with the African continent. Since creation, MAU is grateful for the support and advice received by these organizations:

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Basil Ajuo

Chief Executive Officer


PO Box 43721

Minneapolis, MN 55443


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