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DATE: October 22 – November 5, 2022

Organizer: Minnesota Africans United, Equity Bank Holdings Kenya, Global Minnesota


Minnesota Africans United, in partnership with Global Minnesota and Equity Group Holdings (the largest financial institution in the East/Central African region, including Kenya and Tanzania) and with the support of Prosper Africa, is excited to announce their Trade Mission to Kenya and Tanzania from October 22 – November 5, 2022 - detailed itinerary available upon request. This historic trade mission will provide opportunities to find new business partners, develop markets, promote products and services, meet new lenders, customers, investors, and high-level officials.

This trade mission is designed to energize the creation of commercial relationships between Minnesota businesses and Tanzania and Kenya government entities and private organizations.


Africa’s booming population and rapid development is creating substantial opportunities for economic investment throughout the continent. East Africa is quickly becoming a hub of investment in a variety of sectors including agriculture, energy, health, tourism, finance, education, infrastructure, and technology and in-country participants will be in a position to discuss U.S.- exports to and investment, and business relations in all of the noted sectors.


A series of events including networking, and match-making, business meetings, tours, site visits, and one-on-one opportunities will be part of the program.  There will also be opportunities for self-generated meetings and discussions.

  • Initial networking events will include opportunities for Minnesota businesses to introduce their products and services and to state their thoughts about working together.

  • Networking events will be designed to facilitate one-on-one meetings and site visits.  Generation of these meetings will be supported by US Embassy representatives in country, but participants are welcome to initiate on their own.

  • Legal and regulatory briefings will occur in which government and trade association individuals will lay out the unmet needs of the country, aspirations for meeting those needs, current policies, and procedures, identify barriers to using US companies’ help with solutions, and suggest paths forward.

  • The delegation will engage with entrepreneurs, business leaders, and government officials to promote trade and investment opportunities.

If you are interested in sponsorship opportunities with this trade mission, please contact President and Chief Executive Officer, Basil Ajuo at

Requirements for attending the Trade Mission to Kenya and Tanzania

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