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MAU Statement on the Murder of George Floyd

The murder of George Floyd at the hands of four Minneapolis police officers exposes the systematic racism embedded in our criminal justice system. As black people from the continent of Africa, we stand in solidarity with our African American brothers and sisters. We will not rest, and we will not sway from our vision in the face of this tragedy. With love and compassion, we will work toward change in memory of George Floyd, Philando Castile, Jamar Clark, and so many other indigenous people and people of color that have been harmed by a system rooted in racism.

All four officers involved in George Floyd’s murder have graduated from colleges in Minnesota. MAU is committed to putting pressure on the state to change its requirements to ensure that each student that graduates from the police academy has humility, cultural literacy, and a clear understanding of the systematic racism in our nation. In support of African immigrants in Minnesota, MAU will do it’s best to engage with local law enforcement around policy changes and trainings, and will continue to stand with other community-based organizations that are working toward the reform of our criminal justice system.

“I can’t breathe.” Let’s stay united as a black community so that we can all breathe. Let us move forward with peace, prayer, love and action in memory of George Floyd.

Minnesota Africans United (MAU) is a coalition and statewide organization for all African immigrant communities in Minnesota. MAU supports Minnesota’s African immigrant community with representation from 55 African countries. In addition, MAU is a membership organization of all kinds and our membership comes from a combination of Minnesota-based companies, non-profit, African country affiliated organizations, and individuals who want to embrace and celebrate many cultures of our African communities. MAU represents the voices of all African diaspora communities in Minnesota. We are centered on advocacy, creating awareness, and increasing access to resources.  For more information about MAU, please visit


Basil Ajuo

Minnesota Africans United, CEO

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