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MAU is focused on serving the African immigrant community, we understand the importance of building a strong coalition with all Minnesotans, including public schools, colleges, universities, non-profits, healthcare leaders, business leaders, and politicians alike. Your membership is meaningful and it supports the work of integrating a diversity of perspectives and cultures into everyday Minnesota's life.

Become a Member Today:

Membership dues are based on corporate annual operating budget and staff.


Benefits of Making an Investment by Joining Minnesota Africans United:


Minnesota Africans United is building nonprofit, public, and private partnerships around core issues: Education, Business/Economic Development, Workforce, Housing, Agriculture, and Healthcare for integrated economic growth. Whether you are a corporation, nonprofit, business, school, college, university, student, recent graduate, or an individual looking to get connected, there are many benefits to becoming a member of Minnesota Africans United.

Honorary memberships

Benefits of joining as an honorary member:

Minnesota Africans United. Being an Honorary member of Minnesota is a great way to:

  • Build and establish professional connections with other businesses, nonprofits, corporations, and the African interest

  • Become updated with the most recent developments on the African continent and Minnesota businesses

  • Promote your product, services, or business to our members from discounts on advertising, events, to rental, training, and research at our events

  • Be recognized as a key supporter of MAU on our literature and website

  • Receive invitations to speak at MAU events such as summits, conferences, training, etc.

  • Free one-time use of MAU direct mailing list

The Minnesota Africans United has two classes of Honorary Membership, each with unique benefits. First and second LEVELS of membership. 

Level One Honorary Members are the patrons.

Minnesota Africans United Board of Directors identifies the first-class membership title to its patrons. The patrons are committed, generous individuals who have been true advocates for our mission, and have dedicated their time, money, energy, and/or bring in donations out of the goodness of their hearts to serve the African immigrant community to achieve greater success. In addition to being recognized on our website and newsletters, patrons are added to our Facebook and Twitter.

Level Two Honorary Members are our sponsors and allies.

Our sponsors are people who provide priceless gifts and contribute to our annual fundraising events. These sponsors are generous men and women who have been great advocates for our mission and have dedicated their time, money, and energy out of the goodness of their hearts to serve African immigrants.

As non-paying members are not eligible to vote or sit on the Minnesota Africans United Board of Directors.

  • Right to receive communications

  • Not able to be appointed to serve

  • Get involved by attending Minnesota Africans United events

  • Shape our advocacy work and messaging

  • Become an ally in our public advocacy work and messaging

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