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Brooklyn Park, MN, USA

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

> High School diploma, GED or equivalent.
> Two years’ work experience in office support or office management.
> Computer proficiency in Microsoft applications including Outlook, Excel, and Word.

Desired Qualifications
> Three years’ related work experience.
> Post-secondary education in related field.
> Related public sector experience.
> Experience with LOGIS and CIS Infinity utility billing software.
In addition to English, the ability to speak, read and/or write non-English languages.



Utility Billing Duties

  • Open, close, and monitor customer accounts as needed.

  • Enters daily utility payments and water meter readings by account into the billing system.

  • Responds to customers' inquiries on billing, meter sales and other utility questions.

  • Coordinates mailing activities (i.e.: folding, stuffing. postage, etc.).

  • Prepares work order requests for utility crews for various reasons (i.e.: final readings, sanitation sewer problems, water problems, etc) and maintains appointment calendar formeter readings.

  • Sets up appointments for meter readings.

  • Performs follow-up on utility accounts receivables for closing billings.

  • Greets and assists customers at counter.

  • Answers fiscal and support services department phones as needed.

  • Sorts mail and prepares stubs for water payments that are not included with check.

Customer Service

  • Provide excellent customer service at the counter, over the telephone, email, and fax.

  • Assist customers with online payments and account management.

  • Process reports to provide active leak detection to customers.

  • Respond timely to title company and balance inquiries.


  • Perform administrative tasks as assigned such as copying, scanning, filing, faxing, etc.

  • Assist in fiscal and support services coverage as needed.

  • Performs other duties and assumes other responsibilities as apparent or assigned.

  • Monitor utility billing webpage and suggest/provide updates as needed.

Essential Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Communications: Must have the ability to actively listen to others for understanding of their needs and situations; the ability to speak and write English clearly. Must be able to assertively control conversations in order to quickly and accurately gather pertinent information and be able to communicate this information professionally and precisely to the proper recipient. Be able to read and understand correspondence, manuals, memoranda, and directives.

Decision Making:

Must act in a decisive manner, using good judgment. Must be able to assess problems and situations, able to anticipate needs and evaluate alternatives.

Interpersonal Relationships: Must be consistent in dealing with people; must have the ability to accept criticism and/or discipline; must have tact and diplomacy; must strive to promote acooperative atmosphere in the department; must have a positive attitude. Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing with people from all cultures and backgrounds in order to achieve the city’s strategic objectives for racial equity.

Professional Attitude: Must have commitment to the organization; willingness to take initiative;dependability; maturity in relationships with others; and self-confidence. Must represent the organization to other agencies and citizens with a courteous, helpful, accurate and business-like attitude in all telephone and personal contact.

Quality of Work: Must be able to produce quality, accurate work. Must be able to detect and correct errors. Must be able to prioritize and perform multiple tasks simultaneously. Must be able to utilize work time properly and productively. Must be able to coordinate and follow through on projects to completion. Must be able to work independently on a wide variety of projects and assignments.

Technical Knowledge: Must acquire a working knowledge of telephone and computer functions, printing equipment, and other office equipment during the probationary period. Must have an ability to quickly learn new information and initiate improvements as needed.

Physical Abilities: Must have the ability to read and discern visual images on a variety of media. Must have the ability to remain seated or standing at the same work station during the work period with appropriate breaks within that time frame. Must have the ability to type accurately on a computer keyboard. Must have the ability to record names and numbers accurately (e.g., not transpose numbers and/or letters). Must have the ability to hear while answering the telephone and receiving visitors at counter. Must have ability to bend to file items regularly.

About the Company

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